Persona 5 Screenshots Leaked

A few screenshots were leaked from a new PV for Persona 5. The PV is from the bonus CD which is to be included with Persona 4: Dancing All Night.


Characters from left to right: Ryuji Sakamoto, Anne Takamaki, and Protag-kun

In this shot, the trio is being approached from an unknown individual. From the looks on their faces, the person in question doesn’t seem to be very welcome.

It seems the person in this shot seems to be Ryuji, with the short-blonde hair and all. Something that we can glean from this shot is that the person seems to be undergoing a psychological breakdown, something that can be very common when dealing with Shadows. Since Ryuji is expected to be a Persona user, this could be his Shadow or he could very well be undergoing a transformation himself.

A new character has emerged! Who is he and what role does he play in the story? The unknown youth wears a white school uniform, a contrast to the black uniforms of Shujin Academy (the protagonist’s school). In his hands he carries a paintbrush and a bucket, his tools to paint his graffiti? Can he be the main antagonist of the story, or will he assist the team later on in the game? What meaning do the words “Never Give In” symbolize? Could he also be the person reaching out to the main characters in the other screenshot?

“Steal Back Your Future”. Well, the main protagonist is a thief, and the theme of the story has been theorized to be about reclaiming/achieving “freedom” while being chained down by society. There may be more to the “future” aside from its spiritual meaning, as it may be an objective within the game’s plot.

The protagonist in his Phantom Thief attire. 2 enemy-looking people stand at the top of the stairway above him. Is it safe to say that he’s in a dungeon?

Persona 4: Dancing All Night will be released in Japan on June 25, so we’ll probably being the full PV as soon as it releases. Much of Persona 5 is still a mystery, but will the PV unravel that mystery or cloud it even further?


3 thoughts on “Persona 5 Screenshots Leaked

    • I told myself that I was never going to buy and play Dancing All Night, but then I remembered that I’m a sucker for rhythm games. What I am looking forward to seeing is how Adachi is going to be dancing in the game (probably with a cabbage or something).

      • I wish I had a ps vita just so i could buy dancing all night. I just want to see all of them being ridiculously stupid. I cant wait to see kanji in his marilyn monroe dress and amazing gay things happening

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