DC Rebirth [Impressions]

As I’ve mentioned before, I said that I would take the time to write about the comic side of geek-dom, and what better way to start with one of the biggest comic events of the year: DC Rebirth?

It’s been about 5 years since DC rebooted their universe with the New 52. The histories of many of the characters and series were altered to give easier access to new readers. However, with DC Rebirth, the company intends to touch upon their roots and bring back old fans that may have left from the New 52. This doesn’t just mean bringing back old characters and series, but it’s how they will incorporate the past to create something new with their current material. On May 25, DC released an 80 page issue previewing what changes are in store for the entire DC Universe.


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Space Patrol Luluco [First Impressions]

It’s been a few years since Trigger hit us with the massive storm that was Kill la Kill, and they’ve returned once again with two series that have shot up to this season’s top series. Space Patrol Luluco in particular is very reminiscent of the wackiness and zaniness that Kill la Kill was once famous  for.

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Re:Zero Starting Life In Another World [First Impressions]

So tell me if you’ve heard this: “Boy gets summoned to a different world. Boy gains a special power. Boy goes on a journey to save the world.” It’s a premise that’s used as much as there are stars in the skies and it doesn’t seem that it’ll start getting old anytime soon. The question that I really have to ask in this article is that is Re:Zero any different than its past predecessors? Well you’ll be in for a treat once you realize that it’s more than it seems.

Re:Zero’s story starts off with its protagonist stuck in a life or death situation choosing which brand of cup ramen he should have for dinner. After making the final decision he would ever make in that world, Subaru Natsuki is then summoned by a mysterious force into a world of fantasy. While having a hard time adjusting to the change in location, Subaru is assisted by a mesmerizing girl with silver hair. In return for her actions, Subaru insists on helping her find an object she lost, an endeavor which eventually leads them to an untimely ending. From there, the story begins yet again.

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Kamen Rider Amazons [First Impressions]

Deep within the city there lies a darkness not known to the average citizen. Humans are being taken and devoured out of sight from the eyes of society,and the culprits with a never-ending appetite are monsters known as Amazons. In order to combat the ever growing infestation of Amazons, a special task-force is assigned to take out the monsters in secret. However, two particular Amazons have been shown to exhibit behaviors that separates them from the pack. Whose side are they on?

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Shingeki no Kabaneri (Review)

*Review contains slight spoilers*

In the age of Japan’s industrial revolution its citizens lie in fear of an ever-growing population of man-eating monsters called Kabane. The threats held by the Kabane not only lie in their ferocity and fearsome strength, but once bitten by them humans will turn into Kabanes themselves. Living with this fear, mankind has holed themselves into fortresses, living each day in fear of the monsters out their walls. The only thing that can get people from one fortress to another is the steam locomotive.

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Psycho Pass Game Localization For September

NIS America has just announced that the video game, Psycho Pass: Mandatory Happiness, will be released on September 13 in North America and September 16 for Europe. The video game will be releasing on the following ports: Playstation 4, Playstation Vita, and PC. 2 editions will be featured: standard and limited. The limited edition will feature an artbook, three pencil cases, a soundtrack CD, microfiber cloth, and a collectible box.

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Yet Another Return and What It Means

It’s nearly been a year since I’ve returned to the writing front and I honestly couldn’t tell if I’d actually return. Who knows when I’ll go on hiatus again and who knows how many people are actually reading this? Although the website’s statistical analysis will show me in due time for the latter question, but my point is that I might as well start from scratch and go at it for as long as I can.

Things That I’ve Been Doing:

1) Watching Kamen Rider

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