Psycho Pass Game Localization For September

NIS America has just announced that the video game, Psycho Pass: Mandatory Happiness, will be released on September 13 in North America and September 16 for Europe. The video game will be releasing on the following ports: Playstation 4, Playstation Vita, and PC. 2 editions will be featured: standard and limited. The limited edition will feature an artbook, three pencil cases, a soundtrack CD, microfiber cloth, and a collectible box.

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Persona 5 Screenshots Leaked

A few screenshots were leaked from a new PV for Persona 5. The PV is from the bonus CD which is to be included with Persona 4: Dancing All Night.


Characters from left to right: Ryuji Sakamoto, Anne Takamaki, and Protag-kun

In this shot, the trio is being approached from an unknown individual. From the looks on their faces, the person in question doesn’t seem to be very welcome.

It seems the person in this shot seems to be Ryuji, with the short-blonde hair and all. Something that we can glean from this shot is that the person seems to be undergoing a psychological breakdown, something that can be very common when dealing with Shadows. Since Ryuji is expected to be a Persona user, this could be his Shadow or he could very well be undergoing a transformation himself.

A new character has emerged! Who is he and what role does he play in the story? The unknown youth wears a white school uniform, a contrast to the black uniforms of Shujin Academy (the protagonist’s school). In his hands he carries a paintbrush and a bucket, his tools to paint his graffiti? Can he be the main antagonist of the story, or will he assist the team later on in the game? What meaning do the words “Never Give In” symbolize? Could he also be the person reaching out to the main characters in the other screenshot?

“Steal Back Your Future”. Well, the main protagonist is a thief, and the theme of the story has been theorized to be about reclaiming/achieving “freedom” while being chained down by society. There may be more to the “future” aside from its spiritual meaning, as it may be an objective within the game’s plot.

The protagonist in his Phantom Thief attire. 2 enemy-looking people stand at the top of the stairway above him. Is it safe to say that he’s in a dungeon?

Persona 4: Dancing All Night will be released in Japan on June 25, so we’ll probably being the full PV as soon as it releases. Much of Persona 5 is still a mystery, but will the PV unravel that mystery or cloud it even further?

Non Non Biyori Season 2 Air Date Announced

The flowers bloom, a gentle breeze blows softly in the countryside, and the sound of a poorly played recorder can be heard in the distance. If any of this makes sense to you, then you know that Non Non Biyori will soon make its returns with a second season! But the question is when? Well here’s your answer!

July 6!!!


In exactly two weeks (considering this article was published on June 22) Non Non Biyori: Repeat will be airing!

The official website for Non Non Biyori released the 3rd promotional video for the anime, which can be found below.

The cast and staff of the previous season will reprise their roles for :Repeat. nano.RIPE, known for her musical work in Hanasaku Iroha and Jinrui Wa Suitai Shimashita, will return to perform the opening theme of the series.

Characters from left to right: Hotaru, Renchon, Komari, Natsumi

Characters from left to right: Hotaru, Renchon, Komari, Natsumi

For those of you unfamiliar with Non Non Biyori, the series revolves around 4 children living in the quiet and peaceful countryside of Japan. Renchon, Hotaru, Natsumi, and Komari make the best out of their times in the countryside to show that fun can be found anywhere at anytime. If you’re in search of a slice of life to watch, I recommend this series for its 10/10 comfiness.

Crunchyroll streamed the first season in 2013, while Sentai Filmworks licensed and released the series on DVD and Bluray in January 2015. Chances are, both companies will take their dibs on season 2 as well.

Source: Anime News Network

New Yen Press Licenses

Happy Friday the 13th! Hope you guys are enjoying it as much as I am because Yen Press has announced their new licenses! Some of which are literally making me jump out of my seat.

I’ll get the small bits out of the way first.

Yen Press has announced the latest volumes in the Kingdom Hearts manga series. They’ll be releasing volumes 4 and 5 of KH: 358/2 Days in late 2014. Kingdom Hearts 2 volume 3 will also be released in Winter 2014. The Kingdom Hearts manga series has always been on a slow run, but Yen Press might start picking up the pace especially when the release of Kingdom Hearts 3 is in sight.

Next is the release of a new series called Secret. The series follows the story of 6 youths who survived a tragic bus accident. All of them are called by their school’s therapist, but were met with the news that some of them are murderers. The murderers among the group have one week to repent for their sins, otherwise the evidence from their actions may be handed over to the authorities. This new psychological-thriller manga will be released in early 2015. Yen Press is also releasing the latest chapters on the same day as the Japanese release in their online anthology.


This news is slightly bigger than the previous two, especially since it’s about the Akame Ga Kill manga series being licensed! This manga series will also be getting an anime adaptation, as well as an announcement of a video game, in the future. Expect Yen Press to release the first volume in early 2015.Akame Ga Kill

These last two announcements are what really have me hyped!

First off is that the Sword Art Online: Progressive series is being licensed! Both the light novels and manga adaptation! If you were a fan of the Aincrad Arc and were disappointed that it ended too soon, this will be your cure! The Progressive series is a reboot of the series (though not an official one), starting all the way back with the beginning of the Aincrad Arc. The story is retold with slight differences and more in depth stories, differing from the short stories of the original. Sword Art Online: Progressive will be hitting stores sometime in 2015.

Surprisingly, Yen Press has also announced that they got the license for Zettai Naru Kodoku (Absolute Null Isolator). This series was released along with Sword Art Online, before Reki Kawahara made his official debut and back when both series were only web novels. The light novel series recently released in Japan. Yen Press has no given date as to when they will release the series in North America. Yen Press also announced on their Twitter that the series will get a hardcover release.

absolute solitude

Yen Press has finally heard and granted the wishes of its fans and have licensed the Kagerou Daze light novel and manga series!!! Despite how bad the anime has been lately, this news really is a refreshing one. The light novel is written by the official creator of Kagerou Project, Jin, with illustrations by co-creator, Shidu. The manga adaptation is illustrated by Mahiro Satou. If you want to know more about the series, check back on my previous article.

Yen Press might really become the next powerhouse in the otaku paperback industry. Light novels are a rarity in the North American venue, but following the success of series like Sword Art Online might better the chances of giving light novels a better image. What will they announce next? The Monogatari light novel series? It just doesn’t seem to be that far-fetched of an idea now.

Also for a heads up, Yen Press announced a while ago that they licensed the Certain Magical Index light novel series. So yay for that.

-Source: Yen Press

Thanks for the tip about “Isolator”, Rage.


Gurren Lagann Pierces Its Way to a Stage Play

Office Endless, a production company in Japan, announced on April 12 that they will be creating a stage play adaptation of the hit mecha series created by Gainax, Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann. The play will be titled Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann: Engeki-hen.

Official Facebook header for the stage play

Official Facebook header for the stage play

Japanese actor and ex-member of Shazna (a visual kei band), IZAM, will be producing and scripting the play. Gainax will also be cooperating with the creation of the play, offering up new material that was never seen in the animated series.

The production committee is currently auditioning for men from ages 18-35 and women from ages 18-30. No acting experience is required.

It’s always refreshing to see new material to be put out for Gurren Lagann, especially when the series ended a few years ago. It’s especially interesting to see how they’ll be doing things for a stage play. Why? Well, how will they go about recreating a robot that can be as big as the freaking universe?!


I’m sure they’ll find a way, but putting in an interesting twist like that would make the play 1000 times more interesting. The stage play will be taking place at the Zenrōsai Hall Space Zero theater (sounds sci-fi fancy) in Tokyo. The dates it’ll be available to watch will be October 22-26. How will Team Dai Gurren be piercing the Heavens this time around?

-Source: Anime News Network

Aniplex Bringing Persona 3 Movie to America

Aniplex of America has recently announced that they will be importing the first Persona 3 movie, Spring of Birth, to North America.

The movie will be released in two editions, Collector’s and Standard. The Collector’s Edition will include:

Original Soundtrack CD (Including the theme song “More Than One Heart”by Yumi Kawamura)
Exclusive Box Art by Keisuke Watabe (Character Designer/Animation Director)
Newly Illustrated Cover Art
48-page Deluxe Booklet
10 Super P3 Stickers
4 Key Art Illustration Cards

The standard edition will include no bonuses.

The movie will only be released on Bluray. No announcements have been made about a DVD release.

Current cover of the movie.

Current cover of the movie.

Pre-orders will be available Monday (4/7), with the release date being May 20. The Collector’s Edition is labeled with a price of $79.98 and the Standard Edition with a price of $59.98. In all honesty, I think of those as reasonable prices for imports.

To be honest, I’ve always expected the Persona 3 movie to be released in North America. I always thought it was a matter of time, seeing how well the Persona franchise has been doing extremely well here. However, I never expected to see it this soon. I truly can’t wait for the day where I can Burn My Brea- WHOOPS, I mean Burn My Dread once again.

Source: Aniplex USA

Sword Art Online Ripoff?

It’s been quite a while since I’ve posted an article, but let me start back up with quite an interesting topic! The publishing label, HJ Bunko, has released a preview of one of their upcoming series that goes by the name of “VRMMOをカネの力で無双する”, which can loosely be translated to “I’ll Become Unbeatable in a VRMMO With the Power of Money”. The story is written by Blitz Kilva, and illustrations by Kuwashima Relm.


The story revolves around a new VRMMO gaining in popularity called Narrow Fantasy Online. However, that’s not what I’m hear to talk to you about today! First, let’s look at the cover.

Pretty nice design. The main theme revolves around money, so I see some dollar bills in the air and the words “The Money Rules” at the bottom right. Character designs look decent too, except I see a familiar face in the back. Kind of reminds of Kirito from Sword Art Online.

So the story takes place in a VRMMO and a character looks a lot like Kirito from Sword Art Online. Sounds a lot like a blatant rip-off, but let’s take a step back and look at the evidence

King Kirihito

King Kirihito



The first design shows “King Kirihito” from Virtual Money Rules (short version) and the second design shows “Kirito” from Sword Art Online. The resemblance is quite uncanny, and the fact that their names are so similar is quite… Surprising? Characters wearing clothes in all black and a trench coat are pretty common occurrences, right?

I don’t want to call this new series a blatant rip-off just yet. I’d at least like to take my time to read it, and see where the author goes with the story. After all, no one would actually publish a work with attributes so similar to an already published work, right? Maybe it’s a parody work? Right?!

I’ll Become Unbeatable in a VRMMO With the Power of Money will be released in Japan on March 1, 2014. Hopefully some light will be shed on this situation when the light novel is released.

-Source: Yaraon

Sword Art Online Season 2 Announced

Finally, finally, finally! The long awaited second season of Sword Art Online has been announced!

The news was announced during the Sword Art Online: Extra Special. The official Sword Art Online website has updated itself with the news of the new season. The new season is titled: “Phantom Bullet“. Check out the teaser below.

One day, Kikuouka Seijurou, a member of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications Technology, requested a meeting with Kirigaya Kazuto (aka Kirito). A recent string of incidents have been occurring inside a virtual MMO where players die by the hands of an unknown player by the name of Death Gun. Kikuoka asks for the aid Kirito to enter the game where the incidents took place, and investigate who or what Death Gun is. The game Kirito enters is Gun Gale Online, the biggest virtual reality MMO shooter in the world. Within the game, he comes across a cool sniper user by the name of Sinon. Following a clue, Kirito enters the Bullet of Bullets Tournament with Sinon in order to get closer to the mystery of Death Gun.

sao 2

Key visual of SAO season 2. (Left: Sinon. Right: Kirito)

The new season has been announced for 2014, but a specific date has yet to be announced.

Look forward to the best arc (in my opinion) in the Sword Art Online series!

Source: Sword Art Online Official Website

New Fate/Stay Night Ufotable Teaser

Aniplex recently released a new teaser trailer for the ufotable adaptation of Fate/Stay Night. The trailer recaps the events of Fate/Zero, displays scenes from the opening videos of the PS Vita port of Realta Nua, and shows a bit of new animated content from ufotable.

In the December issue of COMPTIQ, there was an ad for Fate/Stay Night with these words underneath:
“On that day, a few miracles were waiting on the voyage that Fate/Stay Night departed on January 30, 2004. It’s been a decade since Fate/Stay Night left port. On January 30, 2014, the ocean on which the “Ark of Fate” rides on will move into an unknown world…”

Big news for the franchise will be released on January 30, 2014. Let’s forward to the renewal of Type-Moon’s greatest work!


-Source: Anime News Network

New Keroro Gunsou Flash Anime

The official website for the Yoshizuke Mine’s manga, Keroro Gunsou, has announced that the series will be getting a new anime!

keroroAn anime series for Keroro Gunsou started airing back in 2004 and ended its run in 2011. This new adaptation will be made with flash animation; the sort of stuff you would see on Newgrounds. Another thing to compare it to would be that one anime, “Boku no Imouto Wa Osaka-Okan” (My Little Sister is an Osaka Mama). The series was made with flash animation, and each episode was about 5 minutes each. You can probably expect the same for this new Keroro series.

Sunrise will be producing this series, just as they did with the original anime. The cast from the original anime will also return for this new series.

Keroro Gunsou: The Flash Animation (unofficial name) will be airing in Spring 2014.

This announcement was released on December 9, which is also Keroro’s birthday! Happy Birthday Keroro!

-Fanart by 鶯@多忙 (Follow his Pixiv page!)

Source: Anime News Network