Otaku Quirks: Spend, Spend, Spend, Spend, etc.

Welcome to another week of Otaku Quirks! I’ve been really busy lately, but like that’s any excuse!

“Ah, what a wonderful day! Oh, hey they just released that one series on Blu-Ray. The new volume of this one manga series just got released! Oh, look my waifu on a body pillow… Wait, where the Hell did my money go?”

Otaku Quirk #4: Spend, Spend, Spend, Spend, etc.


We Otakus are victims of a sneaky government plot that plans to siphon all our money away and make us poor. They use the weapons known as marketing and advertising and disguise them with moe and desu! So many have fallen towards this scheme and unfortunately… I am one of them…

(It’s a conspiracy BABY!!!)

Okay, so maybe it’s not a conspiracy, but do you know how much money I’ve spent on this hobby? I’ wouldn’t be kidding if I said if I spent thousands. If you’re an Otaku you’ll love quite a few series. To support your favorite series, you’ll buy whatever you can just to feel closer to them. Buy their DVDs, manga, light novels, games, body pillows, and swimsuits. You may be thinking: “Did this guy just say swimsuits?”. Yeah, I’m not kidding. I went to Anime Expo and saw this Hideyoshi swimsuit for sale at the Exhibitor’s Hall.

(“BUY MY SWIMSUIT!!! BTW, I’m also a dude.”)

Sure we may love our series and buy their DVDs and books, but sometimes we take it up a notch. We buy our stuff directly from Japan. Imports aren’t really strangers with Otakus. The North American market sometimes does not provide for our every needs. You want that Super Limited-Edition box set of Onii-can Picnic Desu Desu that comes with the Director’s Cut of episode 104, Cast Commentary from the voice actors of the Loli Sisters 13, and that figure of Desu-chan in a Robot Maid cosplay? The land of the free ain’t gonna provide. Good thing we have the internet! Too bad we have to fork over $700 though…

loli in bag
(I’m throwing my money at the screen, but nothing happens!)

Now this habit doesn’t really apply to a portion of the Otaku society. Sometimes people are satisfied with just watching the series, and that’s it. They’ll watch it on some streaming site or possibly download it onto their computer. The best thing they’ll ever do is at least by a key chain. You know what I say to those kinds of people?!… Good job, you have your life in order. Now lend me some money so I can buy this anime box set.

So back to me. I have spent sooooooo much money and have bought sooooooo much stuff that I need another room just to hold them. Not to brag (Oh who am I kidding. Yes I am) but here’s a collection of almost everything I have. Anime, manga, wall scrolls, autographed items, and wall scrolls.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

You may be asking if I’ve ever regretted buying all that stuff…Mmmmm…. A little bit, but not entirely. Well let’s not forget my monthly subscription to Crunchyroll and those plane rides to out-of-state conventions. Quite a hefty fee I assure you. Even now, I’m trying to pre-order the Sword Art Online Part 1 Blu-Ray Box Set and Fate/Zero Season 1 Limited Edition Blu-Ray Set. Almost $250 total.

Well if anything, I take consolation that I’m not the worst out there. I see some people post it up on /a/ with their rooms filled to brim with merchandise. I’m not one for buying figures and body pillows at least, but kudos to those who buy them.

If you’re wondering where I buy my stuff, here’s a list:

  • Amazon (including Amazon.jp)
  • Rightstuf: http://rightstuf.com/
  • Ebay
  • AmiAmi for Japanese Imports (they have an English interface which helps a lot): http://amiami.com/
  • CD Japan: cdjapan.co.jp/
  • Anime Conventions (Dealers rooms and Exhibitor Halls)

If I ever have children in the future, I know I won’t be getting them into anime. Cuz let’s be honest. Drugs would be cheaper.

url(Heaven? Or Hell? Desu)

That’s it for this week’s Quirk! Next week I’ll be going over… Well I’ll go with it as I go!


Otaku Quirks: That’s Not Just Any Character! That’s My Waifu/Husbando!

Welcome to this week’s edition of Otaku Quirks! This week we’ll be talking about WAIFUs and HUSBANDOs!!!


First off, we’ll be going over:

What’s a Waifu and Husbando?

  • Waifu: A term coined by the Otakus when an Otaku falls in love with a female character from the 2D subject in which the Otaku  is viewing.

Example: Billy: “Hey you know that one girl, Hinata, from Naruto?
               Timmy: “Yeah! She’s my waifu!”
  • Husbando: A term coined by the Otakus when an Otaku falls in love with a male character from the 2D subject in which the Otaku is viewing.

Example: Billy: “Hey you know that one guy, Sebastion, from Black Butler?
               Timmy: “Yeah! He’s my Husbando!”


Alright let’s get down to it! Chances are, if you’re an Otaku (at least if you consider yourself one) you probably have a waifu/husbando.

Love can be found in all things. Your favorite food? YOU LOVE IT. Your favorite book? YOU LOVE IT. Your favorite anime character from a certain series? GOD DAMN IT YOU LOVE HIM/HER TOO!!!


Human beings were meant to love and it obviously applies to the 2D world as well when it comes to us Otakus! In anime, we have such a vast amount of beautiful and cool characters, how can we not fall in love? When you become attached to a character, you can’t help but love everything about them. Your waifu/husbando can be clumsy, shy, bold, strong, funny, or homicidal. If there’s a side to your character, you’ll love it!

Back when I attended Anime Expo 2013, I had a conversation with 2 people at the convention: Boy A and Girl B. It turned out Girl B was a fan of Hunter x Hunter, as was I. Girl B asked me who my favorite character from HxH was, and I replied Alluka (one of the very few pure characters found in Hunter x Hunter). When I asked Girl B who her favorite character was, she replied that her husbando was Illumi! Illumi… A cold-blooded killer who cared nothing for his fellow man. Would kill and manipulate anyone in his way to achieve his goals, which includes family and friends (if he had any of those…friends…). A girl like her falling in love with a guy like him?! Well couldn’t be helped, he IS her husbando after all.


(Left: Killua; Right: Illumi)

All seems fine when having a waifu/husbando, but I’ll have you know that this is serious business here, my dear Reader. You think your waifu/husbando is the absolute best. None can beat him/her when it comes to beauty or personality. That’s what you think right? Well that Otaku sitting right next to you probably doesn’t think so.

Occasionally when I’m going through /a/ (4chan), I tend to see Waifu wars. An anon posts his/her waifu saying that she’s the best and whatnot, but that’s where the hurt starts. One person calls his waifu a slut. Another a dumb b*tch. That one other anon calls his waifu a potato eating parasite that can’t last half an episode without wasting food. “MY WAIFU IS BETTER THAN YOUR WAIFU!” When one person starts insulting another’s waifu, the other party tends to punch back. This process keeps going back and forth, and you’ll eventually have a Waifu war on your hands.

You may be wondering: “Hey he’s been talking about Waifus/Husbandos this whole time! Does the man have any of his own?!” The answer to that question is YES. Well it may be a bit unorthodox and unfaithful but I have a wide range of waifus when it comes to anime. From Fate/Stay Night I’ll have Saber, from A Certain Magical Index I’ll have Kanzaki Kaori, and from Persona 3 it’s Aegis.

To be honest, if I did have to choose a waifu I’d be most happy with, it’d definitely be Asuna Yuuki from Sword Art Online. Kind, caring, and strong. Great cook. One helluva mother. Did I also mention that Yui from SAO is my daughtero?

halloween(Curse you Kirito!!!)

All in all waifus and husbandos are just 2D characters. Am I willing to devote my entire life to one 2D character? UH NOPE. Would I prefer a girl in real life than a 2D character? WELL OF COURSE. I always dream having a happy family of my own one day, and I definitely won’t be dragged down by these illusions of grandeur.

When associating ourselves with such characters, we always have to remember that it can never be, and no matter how much it hurts, it’s the truth. There’s always a line between 2D and real life, and we always have to remember that both things are separate from each other. Keep down the road of the Waifu/Husbando and you may end up like this:


(Take things in moderation Reader-san)

That concludes this week’s Quirk! Next week’s Quirk will be a surprise!
Which translates to me not having come up with one yet. Teehee!

Otaku Quirks: Fancy Yourself A Little Japanese?!

Whew! Back from a long, tiring journey from Anime Expo 2013. I’ve been out of touch for a while so let me get back into it with a new addition to Otaku Quirks!

Japanese is such a cool language.  My beloved anime characters speak it, so why shouldn’t I?

Otaku Quirk #2: Fancy Yourself A Little Japanese?

weeaboo dog

Alright let’s get down to it. Most of the anime we watch these days tend to be in Japanese. Most of the releases for series in America are slow compared to Japan’s so we tend to go ahead of English dubs and move to Japanese dubs with English subtitles. We have great services like Crunchyroll to help provide us our anime. Watching more of our favorite series at a better pace seems to be a big plus, but have you noticed the adverse effects it’s dealing to your psyche?!

Timmy: “Yo, what did you get on the last math quiz?”

Bobby: “I got a 35. Man, I’m such a Baka.”

I’ve been into anime and manga for almost 8 years, and there’s definitely no way I haven’t been influenced by them. Whenever my mother asks for a request, I always reply with a “Hai, hai” (Yeah, yeah in Japanese). Whenever a troublesome situation pops up, I always say “Yare, yare”. The point is, we as Otakus definitely have been influenced from the Japanese language that has been presented to us in the form of anime and manga.


Whenever we have the chance, we tend to use or showoff the latest additions to our non-English vocabulary. It makes us feel like we’re Japanese, the elite-Aryan race equivalent of Otaku culture.
Back when I was in high school, I tended to hear anime fans shout out random Japanese phrases like “BAKA” and “GETSUGA TENSHOU” (not technically a normal Japanese phrase but you get the idea). I’m a person who doesn’t tend to show off that I’m such an Otaku and my face usually lights up red when I hear other people doing that in public. However, if anything I don’t think I’m any better, at least when I’m in the right environment.

When I attended Anime Expo 2013, I spent my last day at the Crunchyroll Dance Party. I won an autographed t-shirt from Sailor Bee and Charmie Sweets by doing this:

Me while holding up my t-shirt: “Senpai, onegaishimasu!!!”

Sailor Bee: “What’d you say?”

Me: “Onegaishimasu!!!!!!”


I wonder if Japanese people watching American shows throw out English terms?

Have you guys ever done any of these things? You know some people who tend to throw out Japanese terms? If so, leave a comment just below!

Hope you guys enjoyed this article of Otaku Quirks! Next time I’ll be closing in on the next Otaku Quirk: Waifus and Husbandos?!

Otaku Quirks!: Taking Your Hobby on the Go?!

Welcome to the first article of Otaku Quirks! In this column, I’ll be going over weird habits that only we, as Otakus, would have. Before we get down to the topic let’s first go over:

What is an Otaku?


Otaku: A slang term used towards people with an obsessive interest. Interests are not limited to anime and manga, but the term is mostly used for those categories.

When most people throw around the word “Otaku” it’s usually towards someone who has a keen interest in anime and manga, but it’s not exactly correct. If a person had a huge interest in anime, the proper term would be Anime Otaku (ani-ota for short). If certain people had an interest in computers, you would refer to them as Computer Otakus. In these articles, I will be using the word Otaku in the way that refers to anime and manga fans. Though it may be wrong, you can’t help but think it’s right.


Anime and manga have such compelling stories, beautiful art, and wonderful characters. Sometimes it’s painful to part with them when you have other businesses to attend to correct? Well. why not just bring them with you?

Otaku Quirk #1: Taking Your Hobby on the Go?!

too much

Alright let’s get down to it. We as people have a ton of things to do in our daily lives besides watching anime and manga (unfortunately). We have to go to work, take showers, eat food, use the bathroom, wait for the bus to arrive, and etc. Those situations cut into your viewing time, do they not? Well for us Otakus that may not be the case.

One night you’re reading your favorite manga. All of a sudden you hear a strange noise! Oh wait, that’s just your stomach grumbling. We Otakus may not be normal, but gosh darn it! We have to eat too! You have two choices, continue reading your manga or go eat food to satiate the beast lurking within your mid-region? Actually why not do both?rowr

Whenever I’m at home eating food, it’s hard for me to eat without reading a manga. Whenever you find me eating, whether it be breakfast, lunch, or dinner, I’ll definitely be reading manga. Some of you may ask: “Why in the world is he reading such wonderful subject matter while consuming the matter that keeps us living?”
I find eating to be a boring process. The food I eat may be delicious, but does it have the ability to entertain me while I consume it? I think not.

One night you’re reading your favorite manga. All of a sudden you hear a strange noise! Oh wait that’s just your butt grumbling. We Otakus may not be normal, but gosh darn it! We have to poo too! You have two choices, continue reading your manga or go initiate the unholy ritual in the sacred area we call the bathroom? Actually…WHY NOT DO BOTH?!

toiletGuess those guys couldn’t do both.

Ew! A person actually reading manga while on the toilet?! Well…Yes. Sometimes it takes time to finish your business. During the process, you just find yourself doing nothing except sitting there. This is why we as Otakus (not as a whole of course) bring our hobbies with us. While on the toilet, you could be finishing that Volume 5 of One Piece you’ve been reading. Having trouble doing your doo? Just read a volume of Dr. Slump (you know why).
Some people may find the act of reading on a toilet to be disgusting, but haven’t you ever seen your dad reading a newspaper while on the loo? If you find that weird, there are even some people who watch anime while on toilet as well!

Of course, bringing anime/manga isn’t limited to the dinner table or bathrooms. You can find yourself listening to anime music while in the shower, watching anime while at your Grandparents’ house, or reading manga on the school bus.

Following the words of Kurokami Medaka:

Yes but only if I have my anime and manga with me.

Have you guys ever done any of these things? Are there anymore places where you guys bring your anime and manga with you? If so, leave a comment just below!

Hope you guys enjoyed the first article of Otaku Quirks! Next time I’ll be closing in on the next Otaku Quirk: Saying Japanese Words and Phrases!

-Medaka Box image from Mangahere. Scanlated by CXC Scans.