Sh*t 4chan Does: Hentai Valley Granola Bars

Do you guys remember the time Nature Valley, the granola bar company, started going anime all of sudden on their Twitter? I think they might even still be doing it now. Here’s some of their earlier Tweets for those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about:

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People started getting into the hype and began to create images like the one above. Of course 4chan and the /a/ community caught whiff of this and came up with their own concoctions. Their ingredients included two things: Nature Valley Granola Bars and Hentai.



Not a hentai, but still hilarious nonetheless.

Not hentai, but still hilarious nonetheless.



Sh*t 4chan Does: Ghost Banri’d

Welcome to the latest column called Sh*t 4chan Does. In this column I’ll be posting the strange, hilarious, or disgusting shenanigans of 4chan. I’ll take it easy on you guys and make sure most of the stuff this comes from is from /a/, so don’t worry about a lot of NSFW content.

This week I’ll be getting into something I found a couple of weeks ago on /a/. This particular thread revolved on a character from Golden Time, a romantic-comedy that aired during the Fall 2013 anime season. The character that was the focus of this thread was Tada Banri, more specifically Ghost Banri.

Ghost Banri is an asshole. Whenever something bad happens, he’s either the cause of it or he just happens to be there. Look at the lovely shoops (didn’t misspell that) /a/ made. You can pretty much say people got Ghost Banri’d.


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I know that feel.


Speedbanri at your service.

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^ HA ^19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28I bet this sick bastard must feel at home when on 4chan.