Tips for Becoming a Bigger and Better Ani-Blogger

Take my words with a grain of salt. I am in no way a professional writer, nor do I plan on doing this for a living. However, I have been in this business for a while and I’ve seen the ups and downs that come with blogging, and I want to give out my experiences and advice to other people that want to make it bigger as bloggers.

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Sh*t 4chan Does: Hentai Valley Granola Bars

Do you guys remember the time Nature Valley, the granola bar company, started going anime all of sudden on their Twitter? I think they might even still be doing it now. Here’s some of their earlier Tweets for those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about:

1  3

People started getting into the hype and began to create images like the one above. Of course 4chan and the /a/ community caught whiff of this and came up with their own concoctions. Their ingredients included two things: Nature Valley Granola Bars and Hentai.



Not a hentai, but still hilarious nonetheless.

Not hentai, but still hilarious nonetheless.


2 Common Misconceptions About Mekakucity Actors

I’m literally writing this hours before the premiere of episode 1 of Mekakucity Actors. Before the first episode releases, I’ll be going over two common misconceptions about the series.

1. This Series Is Not About Vocaloids

Mekakushi Dan

This is one of the most commonly seen misconceptions I’ve seen from people who are new to the franchise. Mekakucity Actors is based off a Vocaloid song series created Shizen no Teki P, more commonly known as Jin. The series is sung by a Vocaloid; however, the characters depicted in the series are NOT Vocaloids. Each song is an in-depth story based on the character or characters it’s focused on. For example, Toumei Answer is focused on Ayano and Shintaro, Imagination Forest is focused on Mary, Shounen Brave is focused on Seto, and Summertime Record is focused on the entire Mekakushi Dan (more of a focus on Konoha throughout some parts).

2. This Character Is Not Hatsune Miku

1396962590974I know, I know. The resemblance is very uncanny, but there is somewhat of a reason behind this. Despite IA being the poster girl/Vocaloid for the Kagerou Project series and singing almost all the songs in it, she was NOT the Vocaloid to sing the first song of the series, Jinzou Enemy. Can you guess which other Vocaloid was used? BINGO, it was Hatsune Miku. Ene’s character design was based off Hatsune Miku, hence the blue-themed attire and long twin tails.

I was actually going to write 3 misconceptions about the series, but the two above pretty much covers it all. If you’re still a bit confused about the whole thing, you can look back on to previous article about the series here.

Mekakucity Actors will be premiering today at 12:00 AM Japanese Standard Time. The series is licensed by Aniplex USA and will be streaming on Crunchyroll, Hulu, Daisuki, and the Aniplex Channel. Crunchyroll will be releasing the episode at 1:30 PM Eastern Standard Time.

Last PV that premiered 2 days before the premiere:

The Blurays for Mekakucity Actors will be priced at around 3200 yen. Each Bluray volume will come with one episode and one single CD, meaning it will come with one song. The first volume will be releasing June 25.

The series will be premiering in a matter of hours. I’ll be spending my time listening to all the songs (on repeat) till then. I hope you guys will be enjoying this anime as much as I will.

Top 3 M2H Articles of 2013

I started this blog about 6 months ago, starting my journey to become an otaku journalist. How is it going now? Eh, not too bad. Still got lots to work on, but before this year ends, let’s look back at my top 3 articles with the most views!

#3: Kill la Kill Opening Song by Aoi Eir (971 total views)

aoi eir

Actually number three was the homepage, but that doesn’t count!!! So I’m assuming this got a lot of views because a lot of people were looking for the download for the actual song. Sorry to disappoint, but this was just an announcement. However; I do appreciate the traffic!

#2: Araki’s Return to Weekly Shonen Jump (1204 total views)

JOJOEverybody loves themselves some Jojo. I remember posting this on a Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure group on Facebook. Shout out to my JoBros!

#1: Lelouch’s Return To Code Geass? [SPOILERS] (5764 total views)

lelouch(Yeah, you better smile you sexy son of a bitch, cuz you’re number !)

Yeah, I swear to God. So many people must be obsessed with this guy even after the series ended years ago. Every day, this article ends up as the #1 article on the daily rankings. Not like it’s a bad thing, so I appreciate your unhealthy obsession with Lelouch.

Overall, total views on this site is 18,605. Not bad for the first 6 months right? Well thanks a lot for your support guys, and I’m looking forward to another great years with you guys!

See you next year bitches!

See you next year bitches!

Kagerou Project: Stumbling Into a Habit of a Daze

One day I was browsing through 4chan, and I stumbled upon an interesting manga page of  a guy shoving and shooting a gun inside the mouth of another person. The image was pretty twisted and brutal, but that just further piqued my interest, and I was like “Wow, that looks really cool! What series is this?!” Now mind you, I’ve just recently caught up with Terra Formars and I finished Gantz a couple of months ago, so the gore might’ve been a stimulus? Here’s a link to the image, but the image contains immense spoilers for the series.

Mekakushi Dan

The group known as the Mekakushi-Dan and the main characters of the Kagerou Project.

To those who may be wondering what I’ve been going on about, the series I’ve been fascinated by is the Kagerou Project. Kagerou Project is a Vocaloid song series created by Jin. The songs are usually accompanied by video interpretations, all of which have turned into immense hits on the internet. Jin uses the Vocaloid voice software, IA, and the video compositions are usually created by co-creator Shidu.

The word Kagerou translates from the Japanese phrase “Heat Haze”. The story follows the tales of children who traveled through the phenomenon known as the, Heat Haze Days, and came into possession of eyes with special powers. Among these children is a girl who can erase her own presence/existence, a boy who can deceive others on what they can see, an indestructible cyborg and AI, and a hikkikomori-NEET (who doesn’t have powers, but is essential to the story overall). Each character possesses a dark past, and the series follows their struggles in the present.

Jin has released 22 songs for the series. My top 3 favorite songs are posted below.

  1. Children Record
  2. Outer Science (video from which the image from before derived from)
  3. Konoha’s State of the World
  4. Time Lost Memory

Ha, I lied. I listed 4 videos, but 2-4 are my favorites, however; Children Record is a great intro to Kagerou Project. The video itself is still one of my favorites overall (just not in my top 3).

The series has spawned 2 CD albums, light novels, and manga adaptation. It was announced a while back that Kagerou Project will be receiving its own anime adaptation called Mekaku City Actors in April 2014. The title, I suppose, derives from the songs Mekakushi Code and Headphones Actor.

It’s only been a few days since I found Kagerou Project, and I’m absolutely hooked. I’ve caught up with the manga, and I just finished all the songs and videos. The story and characters have so much depth, and I highly recommend reading the manga before watching and listening to the music videos. If you read the manga, you’ll be left with plenty of questions. However; if you watch the music videos right afterwards, you’ll find plenty of resolutions to those questions if you pay close attention to the imagery in the lyrics and video. The manga is better medium of bringing out the stories and characters, since the music videos just bring out a vague sense of what’s going on. The music videos by themselves are still plenty enough to carry on the plot of the story once you’ve gotten yourself familiarized with everything. As of now, there are only 19 chapters of the Kagerou Days manga, and only 18 chapters have been translated. The link to the manga can be found here.

The anime is on its way in April 2014, but I highly recommend getting into the series before that. It’ll really be worth it. Hopefully you guys too will follow me into the eternal Heat Haze Days, and obsess over this obsession known as the Kagerou Project! (Btw my favorite character is Shintaro)

Kisaragi Shintaro, the main protagonist of Kagerou Days.

Kisaragi Shintaro, the main protagonist of Kagerou Days.

3 Tips For New 4channers

I’ve recently seen some news/fanart from 4chan getting posted on Crunchyroll lately, and when I see the comments, I see that people are not happy. A lot of the comments bashing 4chan got deleted, but luckily I snapshotted this one comment that tickled my tummy.


Hahahaha! He/she fell for the oldest trick in the book! So if you’re new to 4chan and have the guts to check it out, here are a few tips to follow.

Tip #1: “Don’t ask for anime recommendations.”

I’m still laughing at that picture from before, hahahaha! Usually, when I see a question like that, the first thing I (and many others) respond with is Boku no Pico.

“It’s a romantic-comedy about the youthful days of this boy named Pico. He and his friend, Chico, like to wrestle around the house during the day, and are the bestest of friends! Watch this show if you like Toradora or Lucky Star!”

Yeah no. It’s a show about a boy having hardcore sex with another boy, 24/7.

Obviously they’re serious about wanting you to watch a gay-shota anime, but don’t take it TOO seriously. The best way to prevent yourself from getting hurt is to ALWAYS GOOGLE SEARCH.
What’s that? Someone on /a/ recommended you to watch Bible Black? *Google Search* You’re saved!
Someone on /a/ saw that you liked One Piece, so he/she thought you’d like this show called Ran Sem? *Google Search* NOOOOOPE. Unless you’re into that kind of stuff.

The best way to find new series on there is to observe what other people post. After looking through a few threads and looking at pics of series that piqued my interest, I’ve found plenty of good series that I highly enjoyed. Examples are Koe no Katachi, Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun, and Molester Man (not a story about a molester).

You really wouldn’t think that guys who recommend under-aged gay sex would like these touchy-feely series.

Tip #2: “Don’t openly admit that Naruto is good.”

It’s not, and 4chan will gangbang you if you say otherwise. Naruto is considered one of the most over-hyped series of the century , and will never be good. The best Naruto thread you can ever hope for is the latest chapter being bashed on how shitty and repetitive it was, and how Kishimoto is running out of ideas. People don’t even consider it an anime/manga series, although the mods went out of their way for a day to prove it was.

“Boooo. Naruto. Booooo.”

Tip #3: “Keep an open mind.”

You can find that 4chan can have its share of people who love lolis. Your first thought may be: “OMG THAT GIRL IS SO YOUNG! WHY WOULD YOU SEXUALIZE THAT?!”
Pleasssssssse. 90% of anime these days sexualizes everything, under-aged girls and Internet Explorer are no exception.


(Does this not fit your fancy?)

I just want to let people know that these lolicons are not really pedophiles , though a good majority might be, but that’s not the point! If you’ve been watching anime for a long time, surely you’ve grown attracted to 2D girls/boys right? That mostly applies to this too. Lolicons on 4chan are solely attracted to 2D lolis. From the words of Katsuragi Keima from The World God Only Knows:


(Very true)

4chan is also the tip of the iceberg. If you ever wanted to live in Japan, you’ll find that Lolicons are abundant in numbers. The world is full of many preferences, and they’re there to stay whether you like it or not. 4chan is a prime example of that. Yaoi fans, bronies, and pedophiles are all welcome. Just stay in your own board.

Here has a banana.

(Here has a banana)

So will following those 3 tips make your stay at 4chan an enjoyable one? HELL NO. No amount of advice can help you with that, but just give it time and stick with a couple of safe boards. If you like anime and the such, just stick with /a/ and /c/ (a board for Kawaii things).

4chan is now one of the sites I venture many times a day, as much as Crunchyroll and Facebook. Sure, it’s shit, but you’ll get used to the smell eventually. You’ll find a lot of enjoyable conversations as long you’re not retarded and show off how much of a newfag you are. So Good Luck and Have Fun!

4/6 of you won't make it back alive from this mission.

(4/6 of you won’t make it alive from this mission.)

Age of Halloween Week 1: Corpse Party

Many years, on the land which Kisaragi Academy now stands, there was Heavenly Host Elementary School. The school was shut down due to the string of murders and disappearances that occurred at the school. Gouged eyes. Sliced tongues. Dismembered body parts. The elementary was torn down, but the dark, lingering emotions of the victims still remain, dragging students from Kisaragi Academy into a game of blood and gore. Will anybody escape from the game of death set by Sachiko, the origin of the curse and the misfortune occurring in Heavenly Host? Who will escape? Who will survive? Is there anyone who can live through this party of corpses?

corpseCorpse Party is a survival, horror game that was first developed by Team GrisGris. The first instance of the game was created back in 1996 for the PC-98 series. The game would receive a remake much later in the future in 2008, which was called Corpse Party: Blood Covered. Soon to follow, a port to the PSP, called Corpse Party: Blood Covered (Repeated Fear), was released. Despite its PC origins, Corpse Party has made a niche for itself within the Playstation community and has created a sequel, Corpse Party: Book of Shadows, and will soon have a 3rd installment called Corpse Party: Blood Drive on PS Vita. Many spin-offs and attractions were created from this series. A few original video animations were created, like Corpse Party: Tortured Souls. Manga adaptations were also created based off Blood Covered, Book of Shadows, and Sachiko’s Birthday.

corpse4So I’m just going to say this now; Corpse Party is the scariest game on the Playstation Portable (and soon to be Vita). That really isn’t saying much since there’s a scarce amount of horror titles on the portable consoles for Playstation, but that doesn’t make it any less scary.

The game brings up the perfect setting. There you are in an abandoned elementary school. Ghosts are lurking everywhere planning your gruesome death. You don’t where your friends are and the exit is nowhere in sight.

The voice acting that draws out the pain, sorrow, and fear of the characters is absolutely spine tingling. The screams of a little girl being gutted by a psychotic sis-con, the cries of apology from your best friend while she’s being hung by the neck on a rope, and the maniacal laughs of Sachiko all drive me on edge.
The musical arrangement brings out the spooky mood, but when everything goes quiet, YOU KNOW SHIT IS COMING.


One of the main components of Corpse Party is that there are a multitude of endings, an attribute reminiscent of visual novels. This game contains more bad endings than good endings, and if you’re lucky maybe you can have at least one person survive all this.

corpse3“S-STOP IT! You’re not gonna find any candy in there!!!”

2 games are currently in line for the Playstation Portable, and Blood Drive is getting a release in 2014 on the Playstation Vita. Corpse Party also went back to its roots by getting a spin-off on the PC, called Corpse Party 2: Dead Patient. Instead of taking place in Heavenly Host Elementary School, you find yourself waking from a coma in an abandoned hospital.

Corpse Party: Blood Covered and Book of Shadows are both available in North America. Click the links below to buy them.

Blood Covered
Book of Shadows

When playing, make sure you do it in a dark room. Will you be able to keep your sanity to the end?